How we got started with timber

Imbued with both an innate love of timber in its natural form and enjoying sitting by a campfire in the bush I grew increasingly aware that many pieces of ‘firewood’ exhibited levels of charm and character in form and grain that drew out a reticence to drop them on the fire.
It seemed a logical step to find a means of preserving and displaying some of these pieces as functional household items – table drink coasters and Enchantedwood fantasy fairy houses.
And they are a hit!

Where inspiration comes from?

Natural pieces of fallen wood are inspirational in their own right. Inside each there is a story recording the life of the mother tree, local climate and land use. Many times there is near instant recognition of potential though some sections require a longer thought process and go to the storage shelf for later consideration (very few are completely devoid of character!).

Why do we love what we do?

Out of the roughest and most basic of materials we unleash the human need for tactile contact with natural products and ignite insights into those things we take for granted.
There is a great emotional satisfaction in the number of young and older people who stop and rub their fingers over the timber with a distant look of contentment on their face.

All product is made with sustainably sourced wood and ecologically responsible ethics in selection and collection.

What do our customers mean to us?

Chatting with people who stop to admire our product, enquiring of the timber types and processes applied to bring out the spirit of the wood, whether they purchase or not is warm and socially rewarding time spent.